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I sigh and cast clouds because that's what I was meant for.

Am I not just a number?
28 November
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My favorite color is brown. Le français est ma langue maternelle. I am at my cutest when I'm brushing my teeth, or so I've been told. I adore glasses. I read the dictionary for leisure. My biggest fear is death. I restrain from sharing my thoughts with many since I can almost never accurately word them. I cannot dance. I devote most of my energy to storage. I am insanely random. I am organized but far from neat. I am melodramatic. I feel more than I should allow myself to. I sleep, I dream, I think of things that I would never say. I say them quietly. Hello my name is Sarah and I live the majority of my life in my mind.

My journal is a mixture of the occasional quiz/survey/meme, lists that summarize briskly what I've done, will do, and need to do for those friends and loved ones who need updates on my life and habits, and personal, existential, probing rants and tirades.